Here is Medicines Consumed by Michael Jackson before His Death

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Michael Jackson's (Jacko) death riddle is getting revealed. Jacko died not because of hearth attack. It is guessed, he died because he could not hold the pain of getting too much consuming barbiturate, hungry captor medicine also other medicines.

During his life, Jacko very much depended on medicines. Medicines which he consumed even unnumbered. In one month, he spent about $50.00 special only for the medicines. The medicines he consumed are paregoric medicine, muscle stretcher medicine, tranquilizer, anti-depression medicine, anti-restless medicine, medicine for removing heat on stomach and barbiturate because he was insomnia.

His dependencies for medicines also admitted by Jacko's private nurse, Cherilyn Lee. He said that four days before Jacko's death, he called her by phone for his difficulty to sleep. Through his staff, Jacko asked her for powerful barbiturate recipe.

Jacko also said that his body felt being half hot and half cold. His nurse suggested him to go to hospital. Unfortunately, the nurse suggest was not done. He just choose to take a rest at his house, Holmby Hills while keep taking medicines.

Jacko's death can be said to be full of mistery. It is not strange that his family asked for re-autopsy. From second autopsy, it was found several amazing facts. The result is different from first autopsy. From first autopsy, it was reported that there was no injury or wound found in Jacko's death body. While from second autopsy, the result was several broken rib bones also injection and 13 surgical operation.

Broken rib bones, could be caused of paramedic effort for CPR by pushing Jacko's chest too hard. While there were injections on chest, hip, thigh and shoulder as paramedic effort for stimulate heartbeat.

Beside phisical injuries, in Jacko's stomach also found one pil of medicine, no other food. When he died, Jacko's weight was only 50 kilogram, imagine how this he was according to his 177cm height.

Source: Suara Pembaruan Newspaper


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