Can You Imagine IT? Detect Your Fertility with Your Phone!

Can you imagine detecting your infertility using your own smartphone without anyone (especially your wife) knows about it? This portable device, called Fertilex, can detect your sperm concentration with approximately 98% accuracy.

Researched and developed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) uses processing power and camera in a smartphone. Simple design of optical attachment connects to a smartphone and a disposable microchip. There is, of course, also application as guidance for user how to use this incredible device. It also can count how many sperms you have.

quickly and accurately evaluates semen samples for fertility testing using Fertilex

The researchers also look forward to exploring application of the device not only for human but also for animal breeders or blood and saliva samples tester.

This sperm analyzer is currently in a prototyping stage and now waiting for FDA approval.

Hope the device come to the world soon.


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Battery-free Super Tiny Sensor that could Save Your Life

Tracking concentration of gas, checking organic compounds and chemical liquid, detecting various pollutants on food, even monitoring heartbeat are increasingly demanding for industries. Furthermore, smaller in size and less power consumption are particularly needed in the sophisticated industry for the next time future.

GE Global Research has taken the oportunity to meet those expectations even going further for battery-free and RFID based sensors.

Tiny sensor even smaller than a penny

Because it is no battery needed, small size can be met and low-cost manufacturing can satisfy the users. "Small size, low-cost and selective chemical capabilities will provide acceptance from many applicants," The researcher said.

Sensors are chemically and biologically coated to obtain numerous response to detect and measure chemical in different mixtures and circumstances.


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Smartphone Camera to Monitor User's Vital Signs on Research

Researchers at Rice University try for further technique to find health-tracker application for smartphone and computers based on user's skin color. A new algorithm is developed to detect skin tone variation caused by blood circulation to determine pulse and breathing rates.

A way to measure physiological processes under user skin monitors changes at the skin surface, known as photoplethysmography (PPG), using a camera to track vital signs.

The PPG signal is extracted from four regions marked on the face

The algorithm, called DistancePPG, is measuring the eyes, nose, and mouth separately. Vital signs are estimated by the average of blood perfusion and incident light intensity.

However, it remained relatively inaccurate when user were moving, even talking and smiling. These movements changed the facial light and difficult to detect user signal, as said by researchers.


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Banana Skin Gives New Hope for Cancer Research

Bright blue rings found under ultraviolet light on the peels of ripe bananas gives new improvement in studying how organisms cleanse themselves of dying cells, this is announced by US and Austria scientists.

Nicholas Turro of Columbia University in New York, Bernhard Krautler of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, found that when chlorophyll ages and begins to disintegrate in banana peels, it does not change color in the spectrum of visible light, instead, it glows blue when observed under ultraviolet light.
Left picture is banana in daylight while right picture is banana that glows blue in UV light

Chlorophyll is the molecule that allows life on Earth. It is the integral part that makes plant can take a mixture of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight so they can be converted to oxygen, sugars and starches. The chlorophyll break down is a major contribution to the color changes in fall leaves, and also ripening apples and pears. But in ripening and rotting bananas, chlorophyll fades to be unique fades color, causing yellow bananas to glow blue when observed under ultraviolet light.

Light-blue glowing rings surround the dying cells on the skin of a ripe banana

Because the glowing molecules occur in close proximity to dying tissue, they promise for good sign for further study of the way organisms cleanse themselves of dying cells, or even programmed cell death as in cancer cells. And we hope it also gives good sign for cancer research in human body.


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Watching Sport Show Can Trigger Heart Attack

Many people love sport show in TV. But it is worried that watching interesting sport show can trigger heart attack. This warning is intended especially for heart attack patients.

Research in China shows that watching sports competition like football can increase people to have heart attack. The conclusion is made after a group of men have heart attack when watching sport show.

According to researchers, the cause of heart attack during watching sports show is decreasing blood flow to heart.

38 men involved to the research have heart attack when watching sport show, both for live show or from television.

During watching sport show, blood flow in their coronary blood line is watched and analyzed using tool called "electrocardiography (EKG)" continuously to check blood flow to heart. Blood pressure is watched continuously during the show.

"For all, blood flow to heart is quite stable, but when there is part that makes men really interested and enthusiastic with, the blood pressure increases very fast and then blood cell raises causing obstacle and blocks the blood flow to heart. This factor triggers heart attack," one of the researchers said.

For that reason, the researchers give advice for sport show lovers to be able to control emotion when watching the show if they still want to have long life.


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Military Night-Vision Goggles Will be applied for Commercial Flight

Pilots will have difficulties when flying airplanes in night or few light conditions. The pilot will not able to see clearly and this will harm airplane safety as well as passengers and also flight line circumstances. Today, researches in US Federal Aviation Administration are developing military-use-only night-vision goggles for civilian pilots.

The goggles are made by Nivisys, a manufacturer of thermal and night-vision equipment, have feature high-resolution, lightweight and easy-to-operate. The goggles operate from a wavelength of approximately 600 to 900 nm. Vision angle is 40 degree, focus distance start from 25 cm to infinity with one magnification.

Night Vision Goggles

An advantage of this device is that the goggles can be configured according to the pilot's face because it is easy to adjust to center of the pilot's eyes, 25 mm downward and upward and tilt angle to 10 degree that make the pilot to easily see airplane instrument panel when using the goggles.

NIght Vision Goggles
Night-Vision Goggle made by Nivisys

The weight is only 514 gram make it very light thanks to aluminum material. Beside it, the goggles are using 2 AA batteries that last up to 40 hours.

We hope the goggles can make commercial flight airplane to be safer than before.


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Interesting Facts about Formula 1

Formula 1 is the most famous race car in the world; it consists of sophisticated things in technology or other aspects. Then, it is not surprising if you find interesting facts about Formula 1. Here are interesting facts about F1:

  1. F1 car can go from 0 to 160 km/h and back to 0 only in 4 seconds
  2. F1 engines last only for 2 hours of racing before blowing up, for market car usually can last until 20 years
  3. F1 engines usually rotate up to 18000rpm meaning that the piston traveling up and down 300 times a second
  4. An F1 car consists of 80.000 component, if it is assembled with accuracy only 99,9% the car can still start but with 80 wrong assemblies
  5. Aerodynamic and downforce design of F1 car is very important, even small plane can take off at slower speed of F1 car
  6. Without good aerodynamic and downforce system, F1 car can lose control and wheel spin only at 160 km/h while F1 car usually race at over 300 km/h
  7. Downforce produced by F1 car front and rear wings is very amazing. When the car reaches speed at 160km/h, it can generate enough downforce to equal it's own weight
  8. In a street race such as Monaco GP, F1 car downforce can provides suction to lift manhole covers. That's why, manhole covers have to be welded before the race
  9. Normal tires can last up to 60.000 - 10.000 km, while F1 tires are designed to last only for 90 - 120 km
  10. During the race, racing tire loses weight about 0.5 kg due to wear
  11. A dry-weather of F1 tire reaches peak performance (best grip) at temperature 900 - 1200 Celsius. At maximum speed, F1 tire can rotate 50 times a second
  12. Air used in mostly racing tires is Nitrogen because it has more constant pressure compared to normal air. Air usually contains water vapor which can make unstable pressure when temperature is increased
  13. F1 Disc brake has operating temperature about 1000 Celsius before the turns, the disc is made by carbon fiber which has harder and more resistant to wear than steel
  14. When hitting brake pedal, deceleration experience for F1 driver is equal to car hitting a wall at speed 300 km/h
  15. If a cooling system hose was blowing off, all water of cooling system would be empty in just one second
  16. F1 car has cable system about one kilometer, connecting about 100 sensors and actuators that monitor and control many parts of the car
  17. The refueler system of F1 can supply 12 liters of fuel per second, meaning that you only take 4 seconds to fill the tank of market cars with capacity of 50 liters. The system is the same used by US military helicopters refuel system
  18. Trained F1 crew can refuel and change tires only in 5 seconds
  19. F1 car gearbox is only used for one race and changed periodically to prevent failure
  20. An average F1 driver losses about 4 kg of their body weight after one race


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The Moon is Getting Away from The Earth 3.8cm Every Year

The moon now is getting away from the earth at 3.8cm a year. But don't worry, that doesn't give affect to distance change from moon to earth at 385.000 km for long time.

How researches know about distance change of moon to earth? The method is by beaming laser from earth to reflector in the moon, then they count how long laser takes to reflect measured at a time laser is beaming.

Detecting moon movement has been possible because of photonics technology and Apollo experiment that still running. For 40 years, scientists have periodically pinged laser beam and measuring ping time.

The result, if you want to know, is 2.5 seconds, varying because moon's elliptical orbit results constantly changing distance. From the precise measurements, researchers have confirmed not only key tenet of Einstein's theory of relativity, but also have shown that the force of gravity is very stable and have discovered that the moon probably has a liquid core.

For almost 20 years from 1960's, astronomers measured distance from moon to earth by beaming laser from telescope of McDonald Observatory to retroreflector placed on the moon
Measuring the distance from earth to the moon is dependent upon retroreflector left on the moon surface by Apollo astronauts and by two Russian robot vehicles. Researches on earth beam laser pulse to reflector. The retroreflector sends the laser pulse back to earth. Usually only a few photons make it back and detected to provide the total trip time. That and the speed of light results the distance to the moon with accuracy of a few centimeters depending on the equipment.

Today, measuring moon distance to earth is done by observatories in US, New Mexico and France.



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Interesting Facts about Tires in MotoGP

Tires are one of most important factor in racing sport such as MotoGP. Here are some unbelievable facts in MotoGP regarding tires:

800 : number of MotoGP tires used by each rider for one season.

20 : number of rear tires used by each rider for every race weekend.

8 : number of front tires used by each rider for every race weekend.

1000 : number of tires brought by tire manufacturer to each European race.

5kg : the weight of front tire.

7kg : the weight of rear tire.

60° : degree of lean angle possible on a dry track.

45° : degree of lean angle possible on a wet track.

100cm² : the total contact path area for the front and rear tires; equal to a pair of credit cards.

5km : average durability distance for a qualifying tire.

100km : average durability distance for a race tire.

150 : number of components used to create a tire.

350km/h : the top speed reached by a MotoGP bike.



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ReStart; Rehabilitation Center for Internet & Video Game Addicts

Internet and video game addictions have become big problem in developing countries. There are more young people who addict to technology until they feel antipathy to their surroundings.

But don't worry, now there is treatment center for addicted persons to internet and video games named reStart. Unfortunately, the institute is only in United States located in a village as big as Washington, cold place and no technology available to avoid patients to get near to technology world.

The institute is founded by Hilarie Cash, a psychotherapy and Cosette Rae, a social therapist. They assumed addiction to internet and video game have been big problem for last decades when technology becomes an important part of human life. It becomes worse because many children grow up with technology too earlier than they should. If they are let to spend much time for virtual world or playing video games, their physical and mental development become unbalance.

Type of game addicts usually make them have less ability to socialize and confident. Games are designed to make people addicted, and addicted people are persons who think that real world is painful or scary. Computer and video games often become fugitive for growing children to avoid difficult situation they face at their age. Even according to reStart research, children who spend too much time in front of computer screen or video game can grow up to be persons who have difficulty to make adaptation socially.

ReStart designs rehabilitation programs that consist of socialization skill to other people such as how to start conversation and reading other body language. ReStart program also re-program their daily activities like take a bath, eating, and other house work. They who become reStart patients are also given guideline about how to make perfect time to make a date with their girlfriends.

So, after we know about internet and video games jeopardy to growing children, now it's time to us to watch out in order to avoid them the bad impacts. Don't let your children and brothers come to rehabilitation of virtual world addiction as they have addiction to drugs. Watch them out!


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Fantastic Cars on Fire

Fantastic cars are very sophisticated cars that not only have all-new technology but also pleasure on their value for the owner. To get their best performance, what you need is to operate the engine at very high temperatures. But, while your cars are on fire, the heat of the engines also can fire up your cars and make them more fantastic. Just see pictures below, you can see how fantastic they are. (Source: Wrecked Exotics, see also Top 10 Most Expensive Car Crash Ever )

Lamborghini Murcielago Lamborghini Murcielago Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini_Gallardo Lamborghini Gallardo

Ferrari 599 Ferrari 599

Ferrari 430

Ferrari 360 Ferrari 360

Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Corvette


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Interesting and Amazing Facts about Our Circumstance

Many interesting facts in our life that may not be realized by us, some of them are very unique even surprised us. Here is interesting and unique facts about earth, human, and our circumstance. I pick them up from many sources such as magazines, books, TV and internet. Enjoy it!

  1. Human hand nails grow faster than foot nails
  2. Human brain consists of 80% water
  3. One cocoon of worm can produce 300 – 400 meter of silk thread
  4. When sleeping, a dolphin opens one eye
  5. Gorilla sleeps about 14 hours every day
  6. Survey in USA stated that almost all children spends an half billion dollar every year to buy bubble-gum
  7. Ants never sleep
  8. A cat can produces more than 100 types of sounds
  9. Giraffe never sleeps more than 20 minute a day
  10. A horse can defecate up to 14 times a day
  11. In 13th centaury, strawberry is used as medicine in Rome
  12. Jaw bone is the hardest bone in human body
  13. Lemon contains sugar more than strawberry
  14. Lemon & Strawberry
  15. There are about one million kinds of bacteria in one liter of water
  16. One dairy cattle can produce 36 liter of milk everyday Enough to drink by 100 people
  17. Giraffes tongue length is 53,5cm, so they can clean their ears using their tongue
  18. Strawberry is the only fruit that its seed is outside
  19. Chicken sound is different depends on its enemy
  20. Every day, a tiger can eat up to 30kg meat
  21. A new born squirrel baby is only as big as a honey
  22. Everyone has different tongue sketch, same with fingerprint
  23. From all germs in our mouth, there are an half of them live in tongue surface
  24. There are 300 types of germs that gnaw our teeth
  25. Everyone produces saliva almost 1 liter every day
  26. When smiling, there are 17 muscles moving in our face While when sullen, there are 42 muscles moving
  27. Ostrich’s eyeball is bigger than its brain
  28. Our eyeball size never changes after we are born
  29. Besides its feather, tiger’s skin is also stripe
  30. We have 300 bones when we are a baby, after growing up there is only 206 left There are bones that unite to be one
  31. There are more than 100 kinds of chili that only grow in Mexico
  32. When sneezing, our eyes are always closed
  33. All pole bears are left-handed
  34. Beruang Kutub
  35. Penguin can hold breath for 20 minute in water
  36. In every clock’s advertisement, the clock needles are always showing at 1010, because in order to show clock’s brand, also the needles give smile impression
  37. A front foot of cat has 5 fingers, while its rear foot has 4 fingers
  38. Bamboo is the fastest growing tree, every day it can grow 91,5cm
  39. A flea can jump up to 350 times its body length
  40. Eating banana in the night can makes us easy to sleep
  41. We can not lick our elbow
  42. At past time, cat is favorite pet in Egypt If his cat died, the owner would shave his eyebrow to sign his sorrow
  43. Bread is welcome symbol food in Russia
  44. Snow deer likes to eat moss to keep its body unfrozen
  45. At year 200, Rome people used mixed powder of bone, egg-shell, oyster skin and honey to clean their teeth
  46. Chili makes food last for longer time
  47. Mercurius rotates the sun with speed of 172,000km/hour
  48. Planet Jupiter’s rotation is only 1 hour 55 minute
  49. Planet Jupiter
  50. Venus is only planet in solar system that has rotate direction clockwise
  51. Saturn can float on water because a large part of its contents is helium gas, same with gas type of balloon
  52. A football-vast forest can absorb CO2 from a car which running as far as 41,843km
  53. Reducing air heat temperature about 5 -8 degree of Celsius is equal to 5 units of air conditioning machine (AC) that run 20 hours continuously


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Interesting Facts that You Have to Know about Mars

1. Mars has the biggest mountain in our solar system
The mountain is called "Olympus Mons" and it's actually dormant volcano. The mountain is 15.5 miles height and 372 miles in diameter. As comparison, Mount Everest height is just about 5 miles. Mars also has the biggest canyon in our solar system, known as "Valles Marineris" which is 2500 miles long and 4 miles deep.

Olympus Mons is seen from above
Olympus Mons is seen from above
Comparison between Mount Everest and Olympus Mons
Comparison between Mount Everest and Olympus Mons

2. People have always think about life on Mars because of the "canals" first seen by astronomers
This is why people always think about alien invaders coming from here, and not from Jupiter or Venus. Actually, Mars is one of the least habitable planets because freezing temperature, sun winds, and almost no atmosphere. The canals seen by astronomers are straight lines that scientists believe are evidence of water. Mars Canyon Mars Canyon
Mars Canyon

3. Mars is named based on the Roman God of War because its red color reminded observers of blood color
Red color of Mars is caused by its soil composed of iron oxide, or what we commonly call rust. Mars is seen from Hubble Telescope
Mars is seen from Hubble Telescope
Mars Surface
Mars Surface

4. Compared to the other planets in our solar system, Mars is quite small planet
It is half the size of the earth. Mars also has a third of the earth's gravity, means that you can jump three times higher that your jump on the earth. Comparison between Mars and Earth Comparison between Mars and Earth
Comparison between Mars and Earth

5. In the 1970's, Viking orbiter took pictures that seems to be giant face and pyramid on the planet's surface in Cydonia region
The picture looks like Egyptian Sphinx and is 2000 feet high. This discovery made UFOlogists excited; scientists say that is just eroded mesas. Many people still believe that the face are too symmetrical, and think it is evidence of ancient alien. Giant Face on Mars
Giant Face on Mars
Giant Face on Mars enlarge
Giant Face on Mars enlarge

6. Mars has the wildest weather in the solar system
It has tremendous wind storms, dust storms and small tornadoes. In 2001, a huge dust storm covered the entire planet for several earth days. Scientists are confused why planet with little atmosphere could have storm such that. They don't know what causes the storm, but there are more storms when Mars gets closer to the sun. When it's on the farther end of its orbit, there are icy clouds made of carbon dioxide and dust. This is also strange since Mars has no surface water. Mars weather in 2001
Mars weather in 2001

7. There has been a search for life on Mars, and also a search of water
After years of studying every crack on the planet's surface for evidence of water, scientists have finally found it. The Phoenix mission found that there are huge deposits of ice underneath the planet's surface. Picture of microscopic rock indicating water on Mars
Picture of microscopic rock indicating water on Mars

8. Mars has two moons, and one of it has chance to crash with Mars
One of the moons, called Phobos, has close orbit and is dangerous to Mars. Someday, the gravitational force will pull and crash to Mars. The debris will stay in Mars' orbit and making a ring like Saturn. At the end, the debris will fall down to Mars' surface. Scientists don't know when this will happen, but they predict it is going to happen in the next 50 years. Mars' Moon; Phobos (left) and Deimos (right)
Mars' Moon; Phobos (left) and Deimos (right)

9. Only 1/3 of all the mission to Mars have been successful
Many missions have disappeared that made scientists to wonder there is something strange happens. They also have opinion that Mars is called as "Bermuda Triangle" og our solar system.

Article source from
Image sources from NASA, Teleskop Hubble & Wikipedia


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Moon Landing; 40 Years of Giant Leap or Hoax?

"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", that was legendary words spoken by Neil Armstrong on 1969 after first foot step on the moon. But after 40 years, many people state that moon landing is a hoax, especially after broadcasting documenter film "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" at Fox TV on February 15, 2001.

United States of America had an ambition to land man on the moon at time of cold war. When Soviet Union put Sputnik satellite into space, many people presumed that the satellite brought nuclear weapon to explode US. President of Kennedy, on 1961, ordered NASA to land man on the moon at anyhow before the end of 60's decade.

Actually, before the documenter film was broadcasted, experts analyzed moon landing evidences distributed by NASA. Many of them were analyzing that there were many awkward of the photos connecting to moon facts, the result showed that the photos were faked or made somewhere on earth or at least they stated that NASA distributed edited photos (someplace on moon or earth).

Some of famous evidences that they claimed as moon landing hoax are: there is no stars at moon sky although the weather is clear, American flag can wave despite no atmosphere on the moon (moreover air/wind), and objects on moon photos have cross shadow showing there is another light source beside the sun. You can read more in this site Faked Moon Landing. But NASA also has evidence to deny the accusation in this site Non-Faked Moon Landing. Besides it, there is another interesting site mention the hoax like in this site The Apollo Hoax, and also interesting site as denying Top 10 Apollo Hoax Theories.
Photo showing no stars on the moon

Photo showing flag waves altough no atmosphere on the moon

Photo showing cross shadow

This article is not to show you that moon landing is a hoax or one of mankind history. I have given you facts not only showing moon landing hoax but also facts of truth about moon landing. This article is intended to celebrate 40 years of amazing history that take attention all people because it was first time mankind subjugate the space. So after 40 years, is moon landing a giant leap for mankind or a hoax? It's only you who can judge it.


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Amazing and Interesting Super Slow Motion Picture!

Here is super slow motion picture captured by high speed shutter camera.

Bubble Bursting
This is how bubble is bursting while finger touches it. If we see it by our eyes, the burst seems just in a split second. Using high speed camera, we can find it to be amazing how it bursts starting from edge of the bubble to whole burst. Let's see the process.
super slow motion picture bubble 1

Step 1: This is how it begins

super slow motion picture bubble 2
Step 2: Fingertip touches the bubble's surface

super slow motion picture bubble 3
Step 3: Half surface is disappearing

super slow motion picture bubble 4
Step 4: Small part of bubble is left

super slow motion picture bubble 5
Step 5: The bubble bursts in the blink of an eye

Cream drops on coffee
Do you ever see drop of water falling to water surface? This is how it happens and to see clearly, the white cream is dropped to black coffee. It seems like a white cup mushroom.

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 1

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 2

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 3

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 4

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 5

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 6

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 7

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 8

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 9

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 10

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 11

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 12

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 13

super slow motion picture of cream drops to coffee 14

Bonus! Video from showing how bullet is shot to different stuff for blasting from one side to otherin super slow motion.

This is super slow motion of rocket launch, see how the air expands before rocket is launched.


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