Interesting and Amazing Facts about Our Circumstance

Many interesting facts in our life that may not be realized by us, some of them are very unique even surprised us. Here is interesting and unique facts about earth, human, and our circumstance. I pick them up from many sources such as magazines, books, TV and internet. Enjoy it!

  1. Human hand nails grow faster than foot nails
  2. Human brain consists of 80% water
  3. One cocoon of worm can produce 300 – 400 meter of silk thread
  4. When sleeping, a dolphin opens one eye
  5. Gorilla sleeps about 14 hours every day
  6. Survey in USA stated that almost all children spends an half billion dollar every year to buy bubble-gum
  7. Ants never sleep
  8. A cat can produces more than 100 types of sounds
  9. Giraffe never sleeps more than 20 minute a day
  10. A horse can defecate up to 14 times a day
  11. In 13th centaury, strawberry is used as medicine in Rome
  12. Jaw bone is the hardest bone in human body
  13. Lemon contains sugar more than strawberry
  14. Lemon & Strawberry
  15. There are about one million kinds of bacteria in one liter of water
  16. One dairy cattle can produce 36 liter of milk everyday Enough to drink by 100 people
  17. Giraffes tongue length is 53,5cm, so they can clean their ears using their tongue
  18. Strawberry is the only fruit that its seed is outside
  19. Chicken sound is different depends on its enemy
  20. Every day, a tiger can eat up to 30kg meat
  21. A new born squirrel baby is only as big as a honey
  22. Everyone has different tongue sketch, same with fingerprint
  23. From all germs in our mouth, there are an half of them live in tongue surface
  24. There are 300 types of germs that gnaw our teeth
  25. Everyone produces saliva almost 1 liter every day
  26. When smiling, there are 17 muscles moving in our face While when sullen, there are 42 muscles moving
  27. Ostrich’s eyeball is bigger than its brain
  28. Our eyeball size never changes after we are born
  29. Besides its feather, tiger’s skin is also stripe
  30. We have 300 bones when we are a baby, after growing up there is only 206 left There are bones that unite to be one
  31. There are more than 100 kinds of chili that only grow in Mexico
  32. When sneezing, our eyes are always closed
  33. All pole bears are left-handed
  34. Beruang Kutub
  35. Penguin can hold breath for 20 minute in water
  36. In every clock’s advertisement, the clock needles are always showing at 1010, because in order to show clock’s brand, also the needles give smile impression
  37. A front foot of cat has 5 fingers, while its rear foot has 4 fingers
  38. Bamboo is the fastest growing tree, every day it can grow 91,5cm
  39. A flea can jump up to 350 times its body length
  40. Eating banana in the night can makes us easy to sleep
  41. We can not lick our elbow
  42. At past time, cat is favorite pet in Egypt If his cat died, the owner would shave his eyebrow to sign his sorrow
  43. Bread is welcome symbol food in Russia
  44. Snow deer likes to eat moss to keep its body unfrozen
  45. At year 200, Rome people used mixed powder of bone, egg-shell, oyster skin and honey to clean their teeth
  46. Chili makes food last for longer time
  47. Mercurius rotates the sun with speed of 172,000km/hour
  48. Planet Jupiter’s rotation is only 1 hour 55 minute
  49. Planet Jupiter
  50. Venus is only planet in solar system that has rotate direction clockwise
  51. Saturn can float on water because a large part of its contents is helium gas, same with gas type of balloon
  52. A football-vast forest can absorb CO2 from a car which running as far as 41,843km
  53. Reducing air heat temperature about 5 -8 degree of Celsius is equal to 5 units of air conditioning machine (AC) that run 20 hours continuously

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