ReStart; Rehabilitation Center for Internet & Video Game Addicts

Internet and video game addictions have become big problem in developing countries. There are more young people who addict to technology until they feel antipathy to their surroundings.

But don't worry, now there is treatment center for addicted persons to internet and video games named reStart. Unfortunately, the institute is only in United States located in a village as big as Washington, cold place and no technology available to avoid patients to get near to technology world.

The institute is founded by Hilarie Cash, a psychotherapy and Cosette Rae, a social therapist. They assumed addiction to internet and video game have been big problem for last decades when technology becomes an important part of human life. It becomes worse because many children grow up with technology too earlier than they should. If they are let to spend much time for virtual world or playing video games, their physical and mental development become unbalance.

Type of game addicts usually make them have less ability to socialize and confident. Games are designed to make people addicted, and addicted people are persons who think that real world is painful or scary. Computer and video games often become fugitive for growing children to avoid difficult situation they face at their age. Even according to reStart research, children who spend too much time in front of computer screen or video game can grow up to be persons who have difficulty to make adaptation socially.

ReStart designs rehabilitation programs that consist of socialization skill to other people such as how to start conversation and reading other body language. ReStart program also re-program their daily activities like take a bath, eating, and other house work. They who become reStart patients are also given guideline about how to make perfect time to make a date with their girlfriends.

So, after we know about internet and video games jeopardy to growing children, now it's time to us to watch out in order to avoid them the bad impacts. Don't let your children and brothers come to rehabilitation of virtual world addiction as they have addiction to drugs. Watch them out!

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