Watching Sport Show Can Trigger Heart Attack

Many people love sport show in TV. But it is worried that watching interesting sport show can trigger heart attack. This warning is intended especially for heart attack patients.

Research in China shows that watching sports competition like football can increase people to have heart attack. The conclusion is made after a group of men have heart attack when watching sport show.

According to researchers, the cause of heart attack during watching sports show is decreasing blood flow to heart.

38 men involved to the research have heart attack when watching sport show, both for live show or from television.

During watching sport show, blood flow in their coronary blood line is watched and analyzed using tool called "electrocardiography (EKG)" continuously to check blood flow to heart. Blood pressure is watched continuously during the show.

"For all, blood flow to heart is quite stable, but when there is part that makes men really interested and enthusiastic with, the blood pressure increases very fast and then blood cell raises causing obstacle and blocks the blood flow to heart. This factor triggers heart attack," one of the researchers said.

For that reason, the researchers give advice for sport show lovers to be able to control emotion when watching the show if they still want to have long life.

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