Moon Landing; 40 Years of Giant Leap or Hoax?

"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", that was legendary words spoken by Neil Armstrong on 1969 after first foot step on the moon. But after 40 years, many people state that moon landing is a hoax, especially after broadcasting documenter film "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" at Fox TV on February 15, 2001.

United States of America had an ambition to land man on the moon at time of cold war. When Soviet Union put Sputnik satellite into space, many people presumed that the satellite brought nuclear weapon to explode US. President of Kennedy, on 1961, ordered NASA to land man on the moon at anyhow before the end of 60's decade.

Actually, before the documenter film was broadcasted, experts analyzed moon landing evidences distributed by NASA. Many of them were analyzing that there were many awkward of the photos connecting to moon facts, the result showed that the photos were faked or made somewhere on earth or at least they stated that NASA distributed edited photos (someplace on moon or earth).

Some of famous evidences that they claimed as moon landing hoax are: there is no stars at moon sky although the weather is clear, American flag can wave despite no atmosphere on the moon (moreover air/wind), and objects on moon photos have cross shadow showing there is another light source beside the sun. You can read more in this site Faked Moon Landing. But NASA also has evidence to deny the accusation in this site Non-Faked Moon Landing. Besides it, there is another interesting site mention the hoax like in this site The Apollo Hoax, and also interesting site as denying Top 10 Apollo Hoax Theories.
Photo showing no stars on the moon

Photo showing flag waves altough no atmosphere on the moon

Photo showing cross shadow

This article is not to show you that moon landing is a hoax or one of mankind history. I have given you facts not only showing moon landing hoax but also facts of truth about moon landing. This article is intended to celebrate 40 years of amazing history that take attention all people because it was first time mankind subjugate the space. So after 40 years, is moon landing a giant leap for mankind or a hoax? It's only you who can judge it.

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